Wholesale Program

We reward reseller partners with discounts based on their purchase volume in an order. Buy more, and save more.

How It Works

Step 1: Add Product To Your Cart
Step 2: Use Coupon Code WHOLESALE at checkout
Step 3: Check out with an approved wholesale payment method

Discount size:

1-9 items – retail (no discount)
10-19 – 20%
20-29 – 25%
30-39 – 30%
40-49 – 35%
50+ – 40%


Where Can I sell Products?

Your Own Website, Social media (Personal accounts) & Physical Storefronts.

Where can’t I sell Nutrtion.ph products?

Shopee, Lazada and other major online marketplaces.

Do I have to sell for a minimum amount (MSRP)?

YES. You must sell our products for a minimum of the current retail prices on our website. Anyone found to be selling for less will no longer have wholesale privileges.

Can I use Nutrition.ph in my social media or website names?

NO. You can’t use any version on Nutrition.ph in your social media account names. Accounts like this will be reported and removed immeditaly.


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Wholesale Rules: Discounts are based on a single order, and do not apply for previous or future orders. Other coupons do not apply to wholesale orders. Retail bogo deals do not apply. Card Payments & Paypal are accepted wholesale payment methods. COD is not accepted for wholesale orders.