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Why We Do It

We provide product samples to select bloggers to review and give their opinion on. We do this to get the word out on our products. 

Who Can Apply?

We are looking for bloggers that have the fowlloing:

  1. Your own domain name
  2. A minimum social media following of 2000

How Does This Work?


We provide you the product and a marketing write up. In exchange, you write a blog of a minimum of 300 words about the product and provide a link to our website (Either directly to or right to the product page of the product you are reviewing. 

There is no cost to you at all. We provide product and shipping cover costs as long as your complete your blog as described above.

What we need from you:

  1. A 300 word blog with link to our website included.
  2. Posts on your social media accounts the day the article publishes.

That’s It! Happy product reviewing!


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